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Diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries/over-exertion problems


This expression is even more impressive when you know that a 75-year old person who trains is as fit as a 25-year old person who does not.

I have a great enthusiasm for participating in sport myself, and am therefore not just aware of the benefits of physical activity, but also of the fact that movement may also sometimes lead to overexertion problems and injuries. 

As a knee and shoulder specialist with more than 25 years of professional experience as a trauma surgeon at the Vienna University Hospital for Trauma Surgery, as a Senior Consultant for EURO 2008 and the American Football World Championship 2014, as the Medical Director for the Vienna City Marathon and team doctor for the Austrian national American football team, and as Head of the Centre for Sport and Joint Surgery PK Josefstadt, I naturally see many particularly recreational and high-performance athletes, with knee injuries (meniscus, cruciate ligament, cartilage, instability, etc.) and shoulder problems (dislocation, impingement, frozen shoulder, SLAP lesion, etc.).
These many years of experience, together with the inclusion of the most up-to-date research results and treatment methods, are the foundation of the successful treatment of all my patients.

In our specialised team, we generally treat all sports injuries and joint problems, including bone fractures, as well as all over-exertion problems and degenerative joint conditions (www.gelenkzentrum-wien.com).

Whether the issue involves the hip, knee, foot, shoulder or wrist – using the latest minimally-invasive treatment methods (primarily in the area of arthroscopy) and innovative operation procedures (keyhole technique), even long-term problems can often be alleviated noticeably or eliminated altogether.

In many cases this is possible with the use of modern treatment methods but also without operating, therefore at Sportordination, we work closely and in an interdisciplinary manner as a large team comprising different fields and specialisations.

My team and I are available should you have any queries.

Kindest regards Associate Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Gäbler


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